Winter Flashback

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Ok , I know I live in sunny San Diego but sometimes I just can’t help but miss the snow. Growing up back east, we used to escape to Vermont for some icy skiing and freezing fingers and toes. And may I say thank goodness for mitten warmers in your mittens and your socks!

Now, I am a believer that a pie is just a shell until you fill it. That’s why when I’m thinking about new flavors I think about all the things I loved (and still love) as a kid, especially this time of year.

Here comes a tangent like I promised… I’m thinking: hot chocolate from the vending machine at the ice rink… maple syrup poured in snow… massive snowball fights!… sneaking a sip of eggnog (did dad spike that?)… falling asleep to “the Nutcracker” on TV (it always seemed like it was going to be more exiting)… and of course wondering if your tongue really will stick to metal when it’s freezing cold. Luckily I was never brave enough to try that last one even though my brother kept telling me it wouldn’t really stick, it was just for the movie.

Now that that’s out of the way I better get back to work, my timer just went off. Hmm… I think I got a few ideas from that winter flashback that you might be seeing is some new mini pies…

I know I can’t be the only one out there that has fond memories of winter with the family… I would love to know what your winter favorites are.

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