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Mark Teixeira’s legacy goes way beyond home run totals

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NEW YORK Mark Teixeira became a switch-hitter because his father encouraged him to emulate Eddie Murray, and he wound up joining Murray as one of only five switch-hitters to belt 400 home runs, along with all-time leader Mickey Mantle, Chipper Jones and Carlos Beltran.Nobody else is joining that list Anthony DeSclafani Jersey anytime soon, as after Beltran at 415 and Teixeira at 404, the active switch-hitters with the most dingers are the currently unemployed Nick Swisher at 245 and Jimmy Rollins at 231. The only active switch-hitter you could really fathom joining the 400 club years from now – and that’s a long shot -is Francisco Lindor, who has 25 career home runs at the age of 22.MORE: Ranking baseball’s 50 best players todayTeixeira will be known for a long time to come as one of the top five power-hitting switch-hitters of all time. During a pre s conference on Friday afternoon to announce that he will retire at the end of the season, Teixeira was asked what he’d like his legacy to be and, good news for him, reality will align with his wishes.On the field, I just want to be known as a switch-hitter with power who played good defense and played the game the right way, Teixeira said. I always tried to play hard. When I was a kid playing in Texas, I played over 500 games straight because I wanted to be Cal Ripken. I wanted to have that streak. Then I realized how long I would have to play. Playing every day was very important to me, and that’s why it’s been tough these last few years. It’s been really difficult because I haven’t been able to play. My body hasn’t allowed me to. Being a switch-hitter with power, it’s kind of a cool thing. Not a lot of guys can do it. That’s been special to me.Teixeira was a three-time All-Star, won three Gold Gloves and three Silver Sluggers. His accomplishments probably don’t add up to a Hall of Fame career, but you can at least have the conversation about him. Where there is no debate is on the second part of Teixeira’s answer about what he wants his legacy to be.Off the field, to be known as someone who really cared about his community, cared about helping kids and really made an impact on other kids’ lives, Teixeira said.That’s an easy lip service thing a lot of the time, but with Teixeira it has real meaning. It was also somewhat telling about him that he left it vague, until asked to expand on it. There’s legacy in numbers accumulated and baseball achievements, but Brandon Finnegan Jersey a larger impact in touching lives and leaving any situation better than you found it. For Teixeira, who started his pre s conference by earnestly thanking the media for all it does to grow the game, it’s clear that there is real importance to this latter legacy.That started for me back in high school, Teixeira said. One of my best friends was killed in a car accident, and his family put together a scholarship for him. They would have all these fundraisers to scrape together $5,000 to get a college scholarship to one of the seniors at our high school. When I signed my first pro contract, I wrote a check and said, ‘You guys aren’t going to have to work so hard anymore. I want this scholarship to live on in Nick’s name forever,’ the Nick Liberatore scholarship. That just proved to me that what I do off the field has way more impact than what I can do on the field.When I was in Texas, we did scholarships in Texas, and we did Police Athletic League in Atlanta. Helping out kids, especially with education, has always been important to me. I got hooked up with Harlem RBI here in New York, and it’s been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. I was joking around, I texted Rich Berlin, the executive director of Harlem RBI, today, and said, ‘I’ll be seeing more of you.’ He said, ‘We’ve got your https://www.redsedges.com/cincinnati-reds/cliff-pennington-jersey office ready for you.’ He’s only half-joking, because I’m really looking forward to helping out kids and being a bigger part of the community.Because of all that he accomplished on the field, Teixeira should always have some kind of resonance with kids, who eventually will be too young to have seen him play, but will be able to quickly find out about his career and the impre sive details of it. One part of the legacy feeds the other, and that more important part does not have to end just because a career is.

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